Digital Assistant for Registry Amendments

Compilation and signing of Minutes of General Meeting and Articles of OÜ
25.00 €

Supporting additional services

Transferring data and documents into e-Business register
50.00 €
Transferring data and documents into e-Business register + state fee payment
100.00 €
+ 20% VAT if applicable.
Test version works as main service. Limitations are:
  • The registry data may be a few days old
  • The owner data may be up to a month old
  • Data and documents will not be transferred into e-Business register
For generating and signing of the minutes of the general meetings and Articles of Association:
  1. Enter company name which minutes you would like to create and sign.
  2. Identify yourself (PIN1) and enter your contact email address.
  3. Pay the service fee.
  4. Select the agenda of the minutes and enter necessary data.
  5. Check the documents, correct if needed, and confirm.
  6. Sign and invite other signers if needed.